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Community engage me & Capacity Building

SEARCH & RESCUE MISSION: volunteer operations includes: conducted to reclaim lives and property at boat capsize; could have avoided at many time in Nigeria. Anyway majority of the mishaps where not without the implications of millions of overriding, heaping up marine litter and plastic debris. The volumes of floating nonbiodegradables are alarmingly travelling into the Atlantic ocean, and have succeed engulfment of the natural blue economy infrastructure, because of unattended marine waste by relevant ocean administrators and authorities, and poses life risk to Nigeria’s.

Our work

Marine Rescue NSW saves lives on the water.

This is our mission, 24 hours a day, every day.

Members of the boating community can be confident that when they call for help, a professionally trained and equipped Marine Rescue NSW crew will be quickly under way.

We therefore provide for boating community include:

24/7 emergency Search and Rescue, vessel tracking service for recreational boaters, giving them the confidence of knowing that a professional rescue service is keeping watch Around-the-clock, monitoring of marine radio for distress calls from boaters in trouble along the Atlantic coastline, boating safety education and advocacy, and marine radio courses for boaters.

We need volunteers to join the Mission to save lives on the water.

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