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Mirensen Nigeria
Mirensen Nigeria
Mirensen Nigeria

Who We Are

The MIRENSEN also known as the RESCUE MISSION is a professional waste management entity incorporated by trustees. The outfit is located at the Five porches of the Coastal Communities navigation from the Atlantic ocean into Nigeria.

Mission for Rescue of Nigeria Sociocultural Environment (MIRENSEN) is an esteemed organization founded by Amb. Sokari Gospel Afiesimama in the year 2014. With a strong commitment to combatting ocean pollution in Nigeria, MIRENSEN strives to protect and restore the marine ecosystem, safeguarding the rich sociocultural heritage intertwined with Nigeria’s coastal regions.

Since its inception, MIRENSEN has been at the forefront of environmental advocacy, undertaking various initiatives to rescue Nigeria’s oceans from the clutches of pollution. Through collaboration with government bodies, NGOs, and local communities, MIRENSEN implements effective strategies to clean up coastal areas, raise environmental consciousness, and promote sustainable practices.

Furthermore, MIRENSEN actively conducts research and analysis to identify pollution sources, patterns, and impacts on the marine ecosystem. This valuable data is used to develop evidence-based solutions and inform policy recommendations, fostering sustainable practices and advocating for stronger regulations to prevent further pollution.

Through its multifaceted approach, MIRENSEN strives to create a harmonious balance between sociocultural preservation and environmental conservation. The organization envisions a future where Nigeria’s oceans are free from pollution, where marine life thrives, and where the cultural heritage of coastal communities is cherished and protected.

Our Mission

To protect marine life, coastal communities, and future generations by combatting pollution, promoting awareness, and adopting sustainable practises in Nigeria's maritime ecosystem.

Our Aim

We actively participate in cleaning activities, lobby for appropriate waste management systems, empower communities via education, and partner with stakeholders to save Nigeria's maritime environment from pollution and secure a sustainable future.

Our Vision

A Nigeria with clean seas, abundant marine life, flourishing coastal towns, and sustainable practises, generating a profound connection to the ocean and a dedication to its long-term preservation.

Our Core Value

We believe that "if we are good in health, safety, and environment, then we're good in conservation, preservation, and protection of the aquaculture environment, not as separate activity, but as a demonstration of our core competencies and commitment to reduce risk through our "Ambition "0" Litter policy.
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Our Team

Amb. Sokari Gospel Afiesimama

Founder MIRENSEN / Country Project Director, Coastal Communities Work Team, Nigeria.

Rev. Goma K. Ohochukwu Esq,

Country Project Secretary - CCWTNigeria

HRH Chief Victor Nengibo

The Liaison Person (All Cargo / Marine Vessels) Torukungu Coastal Communities, Ogu/Bolo, Rivers State, Nigeria.