Our Services

Mirensen Nigeria

Ocean Pollution Cleanup

We lead extensive cleanup operations along the coastlines of Nigeria, mobilizing volunteers and utilizing specialized equipment to remove plastic debris, pollutants, and hazardous materials from the ocean and beaches. Our dedicated teams work tirelessly to restore the natural beauty of coastal areas and protect marine life.

Advocacy and Policy Development

Advocacy and Policy Development: We actively engage with government bodies, NGOs, and international organizations to advocate for stronger environmental policies and regulations. Through our expertise and research, we provide valuable insights to shape effective policies that combat ocean pollution and promote sustainable practices.

Research, Monitoring, and Partnerships

We conduct scientific research and monitoring to assess the extent of ocean pollution in Nigeria. Through comprehensive studies Inland and Water base, we gather data on pollution sources, trends, and impacts, which help us, develop targeted strategies and solutions (Zero litter by 2030).

Additionally, we forge partnerships with businesses, NGOs, academic institutions, and local communities as the stakeholders to foster collaborative solutions in combating ocean pollution. By working together, we pull resources, expertise, and innovative ideas to maximize our impact and achieve expected long-term results.

Community Engagement, and Capacity Building

We believe in the power of education and community engagement to drive positive change. We conduct educational programs, awareness campaigns, and workshops to empower local communities, schools, and individuals with knowledge about the impacts of ocean pollution. By raising environmental consciousness and providing training, we inspire behavioral change and equip individuals and organizations with the necessary skills to address ocean pollution effectively. Our capacity-building initiatives cover areas such as waste management, recycling, sustainable practices, and environmental stewardship.