By Amb. Sokari Gospel Afiesimama, Executive Publisher /CEO – The Marine Environment Post, TMEP News Nigeria.
Monday, June 5, 2023. 18:01hr


The TMEP News is a marine environment explorer. Media conglomerate with focus to better the lives of millions of people in aquaculture un-catered for in the Nigeria coastal communities.

The millions of aquaculture practitioners in Nigeria, this time, also helped lobbies Senators representing their various senatorial districts to vote consensually for a Senate President that would hear the cry of the fishing, and Seafoods cultivators for remediation of the Aquaculture environment so badly dilapidated over the 60 years of Nigeria’s independence.

We have to announce our support for Sen. Hope Izodinma, Gov. of Imo State, and his anointed, Sen. Osita Izunaso to fit in as the Senate President of the 10th Nigeria Senate – said the head of the fishing communities in South-South, South-East geopolitical zone.

The leader of the Aquaculture practitioners said, there is no gain saying that there is new order to restructure the arms of governance in accordance with the projection of the Tinubu’s Renewed HOPE, the brand why we all came out in mass to vote the APC. The HOPE this time should coming to we the local fishermen and market women and as it sounds to us we can see that the Imo State Governor, Dist. Sen. Hope Izodinma is not leaving any stone unturned on his unflinching support for Sen. Osita Izunaso our dear son to emerge as the next Senate President.

The leader of the Coastal Communities Fishermen and Seafoods cultivators for Tinubu 2023 maintained that Sen. Izunaso as a member of the 10th Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria representing Orlu Senatorial District will draw heights of support from all a sundry because of his flare to help the poor. TMEP News Nigeria is part of the agencies networking at the Nigeria’s marine environment and a supporter of the new Nigeria project for Sen. Izunaso as Senate President 2023. The Founder / Executive Publisher of TMEP News, had made it clear to the Presidency to consider a South-East regional Senate President for Nigeria to move forward, to fairly equate representation, and the only yardstick to actualize the Renewed Hope ideology. The TMEP being the marine environment explorer therefore prioritize our unflinching voice in support of Sen. Izunaso, as we have continued to stand by him, because we are sure of his proven qualities of good leadership in administration.

The news which filtered in again that Sen. Akpabio who was a strong contender of the race has laid his interest to rest is welcoming. TMEP News gathered that the Akpabio group has considered their stand to work with Sen. Izunaso and made a crack in the house. The recent unfolding gives brilliant opportunity to Akpabio to quickly gun for any other juicy national position than jostling to clinch the Senate Presidency.

Akpabio had earlier hoped that it was nothing short to the Senate President as his compensation for contribution to fix a Tinubu landslide win at the APC Presidential Convention 2023. An ardent supporter of Timubu, he Akpabio and the game changer wasn’t expecting nothing short of the President of the Senate but until now, as the tides are changing in favor of the other. To President Tinubu, he has won election, sworn into office and by right, should keep to a gentleman agreement but for the huddles ahead – “the busk stop” does not stop at Tinubus table to compensate Sen. Godswill Akpabio with, to occupy the office of the Sen. President, it could have been easier. However, it is reasonable to note that the office of the President of the Senate is expecting to receive a kind hearted man, seasoned administrator and friend of the masses, as a strategic leverage to boost support for the Timubu’s administration.

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