“Endangered” Species Faces Extreme High Risk of Extinction

Also incidented are incessant abandoned old plastic fishing net formed platform to snare loggerhead turtle in the Mediterranean off Spain, Nigeria not exempted. The turtle could stretch its neck above water to breathe but would have died had the photographer not freed it. “Ghost fishing” by derelict gear, plastic containers, and numerous marine environment dumped debris are serving big threats to sea mammals shakes, Hippopotamus, and Manatees, to mention a few. However, to regenerate such thousands of lost or on extinction species, MIRENSEN is building an information portal of specimens, which form the basis of its report, to provide by numerous hunters and
community members for us to go for them.

Those to be contacted for the reclamation turtle for the lost specimens to justify claims recorded for the Niger Delta region are to include: Kings, Chiefs, Elders, & Stakeholders.

Anywhere, anywhere world over. “Endangered” species face an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild, therefore, needed you and the MIRENSEN to rescue them.

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